While fans of Kristen Stewart are waiting for the premiere of Charlie’s Angels reboot, the creators of the Siberian biographical drama present the first frame with the actress.

The film is based on the real story of actress Jean Seberg and the political scandal around her person. In the 70s, she actively fought for the rights of African Americans and supported the Black Panthers party, which subsequently faced opposition from the FBI, who tried to slander her reputation. This struggle forced the actress to undergo a course of rehabilitation, but in 1979 her body was found in Paris in the back seat of a car. The police concluded that Siberg had committed suicide because of the high content of alcohol and sleeping pills in her blood.

Speaking with EW, Kristen Stewart admitted that she had repeatedly asked herself if the dead were not watching the living, as this sensation was following her on the set of the film. “If something terrible happened on the set, I always attributed it to her. While we were working on the picture, I managed to make friends with her in imagination. If she entered this room, I would feel like her sister. Say someone bad word about her, I would stand up for her. It feels like I knew her, ”said the actress.