There is nothing she can not do! Kris Jenner, head of the incredible family Kardashian has learned that she was racing for the position of senator of Alabama, despite herself … The momager was listed by an elector!

Everything is really possible in the United States! In the Kardashian family, while Daddy Robert was a prominent lawyer , mom, Kris Jenner, can now dream of becoming a senator! Indeed, this Thursday, December 28, the State of Alabama has published the names of 23,000 candidates for the position. And it turns out that someone in Alabama voted for Kris Jenner to represent her in the special Senate elections that took place in mid-December.

We were looking for a replacement for the seat of Jeff Sessions in the Senate. The latter announced his departure to become the Attorney General of the United States. And the 62-year-old momager was one of the few celebrities who were in the running. Mel Brooks, Ben Shapiro, Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Selleck and Tim Gunn, but also … Scooby-Doo and Kermit the Frog!


She doubled Caitlyn Jenner

A chance to gain influence in Washington, for the mom of Kim Kardashian, who is already hard at work as a manager in Los Angeles. And it’s Caitlyn Jenner who will be jealous. Since her sex change , the one called Bruce Jenner before did not hide his ambitions. To defend the LGBT community, she told Us Weelky: “I plan to run for the Senate elections.” And to add: “In the year or two years to come, I would like to see where I can be most effective in helping my community.”