Ever since Kim Kardashian started law studies, she has been constantly reminding her family of their legal liability. Her older sister Kourtney tells that in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres on Monday.

“Everything is now a liability issue”

“Everything is now a liability issue,” Kourtney jokes in a clip of the show that Ellen shared on Instagram on Sunday. “With everything she says it comes to the fore, then she comes back with the rules for someone entering your property. She now knows all those laws, so that’s really …” To which Ellen responds: “Annoying.”

Kim revealed earlier this month in Vogue that she wants to follow in the footsteps of her father, who died in 2003, and wants to become a lawyer. Nowadays, the reality star fights hard for American prisoners and has therefore started a law study. She has already received her first job offer: the well-known lawyer Robert Shapiro, who defended OJ Simpson with her father, said that Kim is welcome at his office.