Kourtney Kardashian (42) has experienced ‘serious side effects’ from the hormone preparations to get pregnant via an IVF process. The reality star tells this in a trailer of the new reality series ‘The Kardashians’. “It wasn’t the greatest experience,” Kardashian said of her fertility treatments.

“The medication they gave me put me into menopause”
“The medication they gave me has put me into menopause,” she added. “Not only that, I also gained weight because of the hormones.” In the video, Kourtney also discusses the reactions she has received on social media during her IVF journey. “It’s so rude when people comment on someone’s situation without knowing what they’re going through.”

In the first trailer for The Kardashians , Kourtney announced that she and her fiancé Travis Barker want a baby together. Kourtney has three children with ex Scott Disick. The new reality series The Kardashians can be seen on Disney+ from April 14.