Announcement unexpectedly.

Kourtney Kardashian has a sense of repartee. While her sisters Khloe (33) and Kylie (20 years) are living their first pregnancy in simultaneous , and Kim(37) prepares to welcome his third child with a surrogate mother , the eldest of the clan s is joined to the collective momentum to announce his fourth pregnancy … Except that it is actually a joke.

According to the Daily Mail , the 38-year-old star recently caught a journalist from Grazia who was writing an article about her to slip the fake advertisement. Evoking in particular her new fashion collaboration with the creation of her capsule collection for the brand PrettyLittleThing (soberly baptized Prettylittlething X Kourtney Kardashian), the mother of Mason (7 years old), Penelope (5 years old) and Reign (2 years old) suddenly dropped the bomb during his interview. ” I’m pregnant! ” She said. ” After a long silence … she reassured me that she was joking, ” the reporter said.


This information could have been plausible if we take into account the recent message of the boyfriend of the reality television bimbo , Younes Bendjima. On Instagram, the 24-year-old French model had indeed alarmed fans by slipping a mysterious message suggesting a happy event. ” Sometimes you have to keep the good news for yourself, ” he wrote over the weekend.


So, pregnant or not? With Kardashians, it’s better to expect everything. But if Kourtney was actually preparing to expand the family with her new darling ( which she is madly in love with ), the scenario would be too good not to be staged in one of the episodes of The Incredible Kardashian Family . After all, all pregnancies were advertised on television, when they were not the subject of official press releases (as was the case for Penelope in 2011 and Reign in 2014). The next episode, so.