Courtney Cox – one of those women who do not spoil the mature age. In its 55 star “Friends” looks even better than 20 years ago. The actress does not miss the opportunity to show her toned body, by the way, there really is something to boast about.

Courtney Cox has published a short video in which she paid tribute to her friend – singer Missy Elliott. “Oh, now I finally got what Missy sang about, only for this I needed 10 years,” the actress wrote. She quoted the words from the song Elliott Work Out with a rather frivolous text: “I’ll leave my little thing apart and spread it out.”

The video is played in the reverse order – Courtney jumps out of the pool in a bikini, showing a slim figure, then she puts on a robe, grabs a lemonade from the tray and completes the image with stylish aviators in gold.