Square Enix took advantage of the Japanese D23, event dedicated to Disney, to unveil a new overview of Kingdom Hearts 3. The opportunity to discover a new world from the Pixar universe: Monstres et Cie.

During their journey to bring light to the different kingdoms of Disney and Final Fantasy, Sora, Donald and Goofy will indeed cross Sully, Bob and the cute little Bouh. But it is not in their original form that they wander in this world, but in the skin of weird creatures.

This announcement comes with a gameplay trailer illustrating this level. The video also confirms the return of Marluxia and Vanitas, former enemies of Sora in previous episodes. Marluxia explains that she is now part of a new Organization XIII.

You can also see Sora through other shimmering worlds alongside Rapunzel. A longer taste of the Toy Story world is also on the menu.



In parallel, Square Enix unveiled a new theme entitled “Do not Think Twice” and interpreted by the iconic Hikaru Utada. A title to listen to in the reader below. As for the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 , the game is still scheduled for 2018 on Xbox One and PS4.