A week after the birth of the third child by the surrogate mother of 37-year-old Kim Kardashian, and now the newborn Chicago West is in the city of Hidden Hills, where her lawful parents have a house. According to insiders, Kim devotes all the time to a new member of the family and is already ready to make plans for her further expansion.

It is reported that the tele-denomination discussed this idea with a surrogate mother – asked whether she was ready to take out another child. The woman’s answer is not known, but Chris Jenner expressed her daughter’s support.

Kim wants a fourth child, “said a source from the encirclement of the reality show” Keeping Up with the Kardashians. ”

Kim wakes up during the night to get to Chicago. It is very important to establish contact with the child. Now Chi sleeps for a long time, like all the kids. And Chris helps Kim, brings food and parses gifts, – said the insider.

Recall, the third child Kim and Kanye was named after the city where West grew up. A month before the birth of the girl, Chris Jenner bought a mansion near the house of Kim Kardashian.

Saint is still too young to spend much time with his younger sister, but North is sincerely interested in it, “the insider informed of the reaction of Kardashian and West’s older children to the appearance of a newborn in the house.