At age 5, North West, Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter, begins to ask questions. Why is his mother so famous?

The moment so dreaded by Kim Kardashian has arrived. In an interview for the Big Boys Neighborhood radio show, the reality TV star confided in a rather embarrassing conversation she had had with her daughter North a few days earlier. Only 5 years old and probably intrigued to see cameras permanently attached to her, the little girl is already wondering about the celebrity of her family. “Mom, why are you famous?”, She simply asked her mother. One question, which left Kanye West’s wife speechless.


oo young to know the real reasons

Annoyed, Kim K was still keen to answer his daughter, telling her soberly that she owed his notoriety to his reality show. Fortunately for her, North was content with this version. Because in reality, if the young woman became famous it is primarily thanks to a sex tape shot in 2003 with her boyfriend of the time, Ray J, an American singer. Unveiled in 2007 by the Vivid pornographic film production studio. The video was widely circulated on the web before Kim complained. She will finally decide to sell the rights through a transaction, which has earned her $ 5 million. If the star reality TV has always assumed sex-tape, it is also not surprising that she has not yet want to discuss the subject with his daughter.