Yesterday, September 14, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the annual Creative Arts Emmys Awards were held – these awards are noted for achievements in “technical” nominations. They are awarded to those who do not fall into the frame, but remain behind the scenes, but nevertheless does no less work: decorators, directors, video editors, costumers, sound engineers and many others. The guests of the ceremony were Kim Kardashian , Nicole Scherzinger , Lisa Kudrow and other celebrities.

The main star of the carpet, perhaps, was the 38-year-old wife of Kanye West . This time there was no deep neckline or large cuts on the leg – Kim chose an elegant black velvet dress on the floor, tailored to the figure, and complemented her image with sandals matching his tone.

Attention was also drawn to 41-year-old Nicole Scherzinger – she was released in a fluffy dress from Pamella Roland strapless and with an ombre effect: from pale peach in corset to dark gray and black in the hem.

The Emmy Awards will be held on September 22. The leader in the number of nominations was the series  Game of Thrones”, the final season of which was released this spring – the show is presented in 32 categories. And this, by the way, is an absolute record for the entire history of the award (and it will be held for the 71st time). How many rewards do you think the popular fantasy saga will receive?