Kanye West is still as much in love with his Kim Kardashian. This week, the famous rapper has reserved a nice surprise for his wife. Find out!

Although their marriage lasts six years, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West love each other as on the first day. The rapper proved it this week by reserving a nice surprise for his wife. Creative and very inspired, the father did not offer jewelry to his sweetheart, or even a car … He preferred to transform one of the favorite pieces of the businesswoman .

A magical setting!

It’s in story Instagram that Kim Kardashian revealed her husband’s surprise . We could see in pictures that Kanye West filled his bathroom with several pots of flowers . The room has become an enchanted forest of modern times . Under the spell, the mother expressed all her joy:

It is so beautiful and adorable on the part of her husband.

If Kim Kardashian did not speak more about this beautiful gift, it would seem that Kanye West wanted to congratulate the latter on his new status as billionaire . Anyway, she is very lucky!