No one less than Kim Kardashian has mingled in the piet discussion. The reality star has her doubts about Zwarte Piet, she said on Twitter.

“This Dutch ‘tradition’ called ‘Zwarte Piet’ is disturbing!”

“This Dutch ‘tradition’ called ‘Zwarte Piet’ is disturbing!” Wrote Kardashian. In addition, she shares an old article from Al Jazeera, with the headline ‘Zwarte Piet is a Dutch racism.’ The play is about the opponents of Sinterklaas’ black-painted helper. This is how Jerry Afriyie speaks, the head piece of Kick Out Zwarte Piet. A historian and a human rights lawyer are also cited to clarify the tradition.

In the US, criticism has often been made of the racist nature of Zwarte Piet. The United Nations, among others, wrote a report condemning the tradition and calling on Piet to change.