Giving back to community is one of the good acts Kim kardashian do, so he saved a family who was in need of help.

$30,000 were donated to Angelia Cantrell by the reality star to save the woman who lost her husband due to Covid-19 and Cantrell family for was the verge of eviction. Agenlina Cantrell and her husband had four children together a daughter and triplet boys.

According to an interview Cantrell told that “When I saw the donation [from Kim Kardashian], I literally fell to the floor in tears. I shared my GoFundMe link with several celebrities, including Supernatural TV stars Alaina Huffman and Lisa Berry who donated as well, just simply asking them to share, Words cannot describe how blessed and thankful we are. This, by far, has been one of the biggest miracles God has given.”

After the death of Angelina Cantrell husbands death she lost her job due to the Pandemic situation. A the time of press breifieng she received over half of her $8,000 goal.

During the pandemic this is the not the first time that Kim Kardashian has given back to those who are in need.

In year of 2020 $1 Million was donated to the needy families affeted due to coronavirus though the kims company Skims.