A surreal video created by Kanye West shows his wife giving birth to Kylie in a surprising way.

A surreal video created by Kanye West comes to light, in which his wife Kim Kardashian gives birth to her sister Kylie, in a very surprising way.

This video was made in 2017 directed by Eli Russell Linnetz for the song ‘Feel Me’ in which he collaborated with Tyga, Kylie’s ex-partner.

The images are amazing. Kylie appears in gigantic form with a blonde wig and in white underwear. Monster trucks ride between its long legs on a race track.

At one point in the video, Kim makes her appearance in a black bra and thong. Then she, lying on the floor and with her legs spread, seems to be giving birth to Kylie who walks out surrounded by a halo of bright light.

Until now, the famous sisters have not yet spoken about the message that this scene wanted to convey.