The Christmas card of the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West families captivated fans. True, it turned out that the beautiful picture was hiding a difficult story related to the whims of the eldest daughter of a businesswoman.

On a postcard, happy parents and four children in cozy home-made images sit on the stairs and pose for the photographer. Backstage shooting Kim shared on the Ellen Degeneres show. According to Kardashian, making a perfect photo was not easy, as young children like to be naughty. This happened with her daughter North, who at the last moment refused to participate in the photo shoot.

Here is a day when she did not like her hairstyle. Then I told her that she would not be with us on the Christmas card. She didn’t mind

– said Kim.

But the next day, North’s mood changed, and the girl was ready to pose in front of the camera lens. Circumstances in favor of Kardashian, because the photographer was still in the city.

I was without makeup, looked completely different, we shot together. Then her body was photographed towards us,

– shared Kim.