After years of wearing corrective underwear, Kim Kardashian thinks it’s high time to come up with its own brand. Kimono is going to be called the line, reports the reality star on Twitter.

“I have been passionate about this for 15 years”

Kim Kardashian does everything to look good and corrective underwear is certainly one of them. The reality star has never made a secret of how much she uses, but there was no own line yet. “I have been passionate about this for fifteen years,” writes the brunette when announcing the brand. “It is my idea of ​​shapewear and offers solutions that really work for women.” 

In addition, Kim places the first photos of the brand. She also wants to make clear the motivation for the new brand. “I always cut my own underwear so that it matched my clothes,” she explains. “Moreover, the color was not always entirely good for my skin color, so I wanted a line that would work for everyone.” Kimono will be available in nine different shades, ranging from size XXS to 4XL. The reality star also shares that her husband, Kanye West, designed the logo for the brand.