That’s the news – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West , who have never concealed the fact that they dream of a big family, will become parents for the fourth time!

The surrogate mother again takes out the child to the spouses. According to the Western media, the couple still have a fertilized embryo since last time (Kim and Kanye also carried the third child a surrogate mother). In addition, the gender of the future baby is known – this is a boy, and the date of his birth is May.

Currently, Kardashian and West are raising 5-year-old daughter North, 3-year-old son St, and 11-month-old baby Chicago.

The surrogate mother endured the Chicago couple, as Kim could not do it herself for health reasons. Two pregnancy Kardashian proceeded with severe complications. As the TV star herself told, doctors forbade her to become pregnant for the third time, fearing for her life.