Kim Kardashian (40) and her children were so badly affected by the corona virus that the recording of her television show had to be stopped for at least two weeks. It also affected Kim’s lawyer exam, which she was unable to do because of the virus. This reports ‘TMZ’.

“To see my children healthy is the most important thing”

Kim’s youngest son Saint was the first to test positive, followed by the rest of the family. Saint is said to have become infected at his school, bringing the virus home. Not long after, his eldest sister North was also found positive, just like Kim herself.

According to the reality star, she and her children felt very bad for a number of days, but they still managed to recover well. Even though that was at the expense of Kim’s exam and commercial jobs, but Kim took that into account. “Yes, I had studied very hard, so of course I was disappointed with those exams. But the health of my children is always more important, so it is what it is. I can take that exam again later, that will be fine. The most important thing is to see my children healthy. “