For an official event, the sisters chose outfits to match.

The night before, November 20, Kim and Chloe Kardashian were special guests of the gala evening of The Promise Institute for Human Rights, hosted by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The Institute was created with funds from fees from the film about the Armenian genocide at the beginning of the 20th century “The Promise” in 2016, which amounted to $ 20 million. The event was also attended by Hollywood actors who starred in the film, Christian Bale and Angela Sarafyan. This film has become the highest budget film of all time  on the topic of the Armenian Genocide and the first with the participation of cinema stars of the first magnitude.

The decision to invest in the creation of the Center was made by the main producer of the film Eric Esrailyan. The organization’s goal is to become a national educational institution that will specialize in human rights, especially in times of crisis. 

The name of the Institute – “The Promise” – was not chosen by chance. UCLA and the School of Law have kept their promise to the victims of the Genocide and those whose rights have been violated for many years: to create appropriate legal mechanisms and to teach people honesty in such crisis situations. We bring light into the world to help people who need it today,

– said Esrailyan to the gathered.

The sister’s images were chosen accordingly: Kim was dressed in a dark blue suit from an oversized blazer and flared trousers, and Chloe was dressed in a black suit from a jacket with shiny lapels and trousers. A few hours before the event, Kim published in “story” a photograph of the icon in the form of a forget-me-not – a symbol of the Armenian Genocide.