The future of the HBO series Big Little Lies is uncertain, but if it’s up to actress Nicole Kidman, there will certainly be a third season.

“We would really like to do it,” said Kidman in the Australian radio show The Kyle And Jackie O Show. The 52-year-old Hollywood star would be ‘upset’ if the series were canceled.

According to Kidman, the entire cast, including Reese Witherspoon and Zoe Kravitz, would like to see a sequel. The actresses have such a strong mutual bond that they would be crazy if they would no longer work together.

Nicole and Reese are very close. Together with Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern, they were guests at Zoe’s wedding in June with actor Karl Glusman.

Whether there will be a third season will depend heavily on finding a good ‘storyline’. But according to Kidman, some strong ideas have already been pitched.

HBO had already expressed doubts about a new season. It would be ‘unrealistic’ to expect that ‘the busiest women in Hollywood’ would want to re-commit. In season two, Meryl Streep was also added to the cast.

Big Little Lies revolves around a group of women in the rich town of Monterey, which hides something about a death. Kidman won several awards for her role as Celeste, who was imprisoned in a violent relationship.