Tristan Thompson wants to stop the personal trainer from talking about the paternity issue in the media …

Khloe Kardashian’s ex and father of her daughter True, Tristan Thompson, is trying to silence personal trainer Maralee Nichols who just had a son by the basketball player.

According to the TMZ site, Tristan asked a judge to silence the woman so that she does not leak information about the case, while he continues to call her a ‘fortune hunter’.

The NBA star filed an emergency petition this week in Harris County, Texas, asking the judge to issue a gag order prohibiting both the parties (him and Maralee Nichols) from speaking about the matter as it unfolds in court. .

Tristan points to several cases where he believes Maralee has violated what he claims is a confidentiality order that the judge verbally granted earlier in the case after she sued him for paternity.

In the documents, obtained by the publication, Tristan claims that Maralee has been doing interviews with the media, leaking personal information and even turning to Instagram and other social networks to spread what he says are outright lies about him and his family. Specifically, he claims that certain Snapchat messages, which Maralee has claimed Tristan sent her, were fabricated.

“Tristan wants to keep this entire proceeding secret, including any discovery or evidence presented by either party. He also wants the court to sanction Maralee for the alleged leaks. To get to that point, she wants a judge to force her to post a $ 30,000 bond to make sure she has some money on the line if she breaks the nondisclosure order, “says TMZ.

Maralee says that Tristan is the father of her baby who was born a few days ago, something he has denied. She also claims that he tried to pay her $ 75,000 not to talk about the whole thing.