Kevin Hart (41) did not show up at a party in 2018 and has now been charged. The organizer would have incurred costs in advance to promote the comedian’s arrival, but never got back the money he put in there. AIM Hospitality Group LLC has therefore taken to court, the New York Post reports.

Stand-up comedian Kevin Hart must have been shocked when he was sued for not showing up at a party in 2018. He was scheduled to appear at an after-party after his stand-up comedy show and had to advertise it on his Instagram page in advance. He received 10,000 dollars (8,300 euros) for that, according to the indictment. Only he would never have made that advertisement, AIM Hospitality Group LLC told the New York Post.

When that came out, the organization asked for the money to be refunded. In addition, the company says it has already spent $ 12,000 (10,000 euros) on advertising costs. The comedian’s lawyers at the time said that the amount had been paid back to the wrong company, but a new payment was also not made. The fact that the comedian did not show up at the party in the end was the final straw. AIM Hospitality Group LLC is claiming damages totaling $ 390,000 ($ 324,000) from the comedian, two of his companies, one of its agents and one of his employees.