The cows used in the new series of western Kevin Costner, Yellowstone, distributed by Paramount Network, are they “mutilated”? That’s what Peta says. According to a whistleblower, who showed pictures to the association, real cow carcasses would be used on the set.

“Peta is appealing to Kevin Costner and the producers in Yellowstone, and asking them to confess when and how they bought the animals in question, that they cut these scenes off and promise to use dummies or other animals alternatives less cruel in the future, “reads the website of the association. Peta adds that “the film crew is shaken and they complained about the blood and the smell, which they could not get rid of after filming.”

“For animals to be safe and feel good on the set”

Paramount Network has denied the charges to The Wrap. “The production has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that the animals are safe and feel good on the set. All the animals were followed by professional trainers, “said Kurt Patat, the network’s communications manager, adding that” Peta’s information is wrong “.

Yellowstone is also the most watched series of Paramount Network, and the second most-watched series of cable, just after The Walking Dead.