The false news of the death of the famous actor for his role in the television series Jessie , announced Friday afternoon on Twitter has caused an unprecedented media run. Do not worry, 55-year-old Kevin Chamberlin is still alive and well.

Since Friday (June 14), a rumor launched on Twitter, about a potential death of Kevin Chamberlin, ignites the social network.

Planetary Rumor, the Twitter Effect

The Twitter network peddles all sorts of information, real as well as false. The most trivial as the most terrible. So many personalities have already been the subject of false rumors of death spreading on the Internet like wildfire. Yesterday, it was the turn of Kevin Chamberlin, American actor, to be buried by a funeral tweet.

Everything started from the message: ”  Kevin Chamberlin has just left us. RIP.  “, Published on the microblogging site Friday, June 14 around 14h. The rumor ignites the Web immediately. New tweet an hour later: ”  Death of Kevin Chamberlin, the actor’s relatives confirm  “. To amplify the announcement effect, this last tweet is accompanied by a link to the site Nécropédia (which however states that Kevin Chamberlin is not dead).

According to a poll by the Celebrity Post, 61% of Chamberlin fans are indifferent.

The entourage would have ”  formally denied  ” the death of the actor

The false information is then taken up by some radios then by the media of the whole world. It was only late in the evening of Friday that the actor’s spokesman would have cracked a terse statement that ”  formally denies the death of Kevin Chamberlin  “.

The fans are reassured. Twitter is a fast information tool, but you have to be more and more vigilant.