The Kensington Palace rarely responds to rumors and speculations with which the network is full, but the Kate Middleton team could not get past the statements of the British plastic surgeon. Mynik ​​Somdji from the clinic Dr. Medi Spa Clinic has accused the Duchess of love for Botox, which, according to the spokesman of monarchs, is a brazen lie.

The revelation of Kate Middleton appeared in the surgeon’s Instagram account, which illustrated her statement with two photos. In one picture, Kate’s forehead was wrinkled, shadows lay under her eyes, and skin tone leaves much to be desired. On the second, the Duchess’s face looks young and radiant. This effect Somdji explained using baby botox. “Its magic is that it gently smoothes wrinkles, leaving no feeling of heaviness, and also raises eyebrows. This is noticeable if you pay attention to the differences between the two photos. At the moment, 90% of my clients have gone through this procedure and are happy with the result even 3-4 months later, ”the expert assured.

However, his advertising campaign may not be successful, because the Kensington Palace made an official refutation. In a conversation with The New York Post, a spokesman for the Dukes of Cambridge said that the surgeon’s words were “absolute falsehood”, and the expression Somdji’s “Our Kate” doesn’t mean that she is a client of his clinic, because “members of the royal family never participate in a similar commercial activity. “