The stars are not subscribed to each other in the networks.

The fans of the singer Selena Gomez staged a real attack on the American supermodel Kendall Jenner. And all because the representative of the legendary Kardashian family wore the same dress as the pop diva.

In January, Selena released a new video for the song De Una Vez. The singer chose a pale pink dress with a floral print from Rodarte for filming. Fans then appreciated the romantic image of the star.

And just the other day, Kendall Jenner appeared in the same dress. She posted on Instagram footage of the Easter photo shoot, in which she appeared in the same outfit.

Selena Gomez’s fans didn’t believe in coincidence. They started tweeting Kendall photos of the singer in the same dress. Jenner’s fans have already reacted to the attack. One of them even wrote that the outfit fits Kendall better than anyone else. The supermodel could not resist and retweeted this entry, which only fueled the outraged fans of Gomez.

Jenner wrote that she liked the dress so much that she took it straight from the set. The star was definitely referring to her January photo shoot for Vogue China. But Selena’s fans were unstoppable.

“Kendall felt the need to outshine Selena. Sis is so insecure that she desperately wanted to tell her that she looks better? ” – Gomez fans scolded in the comments.

Jenner eventually broke down and simply deleted the post. And Selena Gomez did not seem to notice the scandal: she did not comment on what was happening. By the way, celebrities are not subscribed to each other in social networks.