Ahead of the awards ceremony on Wednesday, November 10, Keith Urbain and Nicole Kidman once again turned out to be red carpet pros when they posed for photos outside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

Nicole stepped out in a YSL dress, styled by Julia von Boehm, which featured both plenty of legs and impressive abs. She completed her look with ilias LALAoUNIS jewelry. As for her glamor, Kate Synnott deserves credit for her makeup while Kylee Heath perfected the hairstyle.

As for Keith, he deserves a round of applause for showing off his own style in a black t-shirt and shiny blazer.

It’s about to be a big night for Keith as he prepares to perform one of his biggest hits of his career. In fact, the live broadcast is expected to feature 20 special performances throughout the evening.

Keith, who is a staple of CMAs, can count on Nicole to be his biggest cheerleader in the audience.

“The great thing about being married to a musician… you have music in your house all the time,” Nicole explained during a 2013 meeting with Ellen Degeneres. “There is something very happy about having music. Keith can play just about any instrument. He’ll just be playing the piano at 7 a.m. This is what we have, it is breakfast around the piano and is an integral part of our life. ”

And it’s safe to say that Keith is Nicole’s # 1 fan as well!

“She’s been the one I’ve been looking for all my life, and everything not only changed, but had to change in me if I was to take that path,” Keith said on Dax Shepard’s Chair Expert podcast in 2020. “It was like the ultimate turning point in my life’s road, and it was literally like you either figure that out now, or you’ll never do it right.” This is your only shot. “