The actor teased fans, calling the plot of the fourth film about Neo very ambitious.

Over the past year, Keanu Reeves has repeatedly surprised fans with unexpected performances and curious remarks. His words spoken in an interview with a representative of Entertainment Tonight portal were no exception. Correspondent Nichelle Turner caught the actor before the special screening of the film “Get Ready for War”, to which Reeves came to the accompaniment of his sister, drama producer Karina Miller.

The actor was calm, but in response to a question about the long-awaited continuation of The Matrix, he admitted that he had already read the script and was extremely excited by the plot twists that awaited his character.

This is very ambitious. As it should be!

– Reeves remarked.

And these words can be considered a significant promise, because the previous parts of the “Matrix” each time went to an ever higher level. The first film made a breakthrough in sci-fi action films, and “Matrix: Reloaded” and “Matrix: Revolution” created a complex mythology in the film’s universe.

By the way, “Matrix 4” will delight the audience with a meeting with Carrie-Anne Moss, who plays the role of Trinity. True, if we take into account that in the third part the character of Moss dies, it is difficult to say how significant her role in the future picture will be. Participation in the filming of Lawrence Fishbourne is still in question.

The exact date of the premiere of the next part of The Matrix is ​​not called, but it is known that its release is planned for 2022.