filming of Speed . Bullock previously confessed that she liked her opponent. Now Reeves has also admitted to being interested in the actress.

The actor was a guest on Friday at The Ellen DeGeneres Show , where the presenter showed him a video of Bullock who was a guest in the program in December.

In the interview, the actress admits having had an eye on Reeves while filming Speed .

“He was so sweet and handsome,” the actress told at the time. “I found it very difficult to stay serious, I had to giggle every time he looked at me.” When asked why the two never became a couple, Bullock laughed and said, “I think there was something about me that he didn’t like.”

After seeing the images, Reeves reacts on Friday with: “She clearly did not realize that I also had a crush on her.” After a few exclamations from the surprised audience, he adds: “We were working! It was very nice to work with her, she is a fantastic person and and a fantastic actress,” the actor said.