The Matrix is considered a real science fiction classic, but lead actors Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss see the ultimate love story in the film series. In conversation with media, the actors say that the love between their characters is revived in the new Matrix film.

“I definitely see The Matrix Resurrections as a love story,” said 54-year-old Moss, who can be seen with Reeves in a Matrix film for the fourth time. “But for me personally, all Matrix movies were love stories.”

“I totally agree with that,” added 57-year-old Reeves. “We couldn’t have made this film without the stories told in the previous films,” Moss said. “It makes this film more profound if you know where they (Neo and Trinity, ed.) come from and what love they have built for each other. That came to an end at some point and now the love has, as it were, been resurrected.”

The Matrix appeared in 1999, followed by The Matrix Revolutions (2003) and The Matrix Reloaded (2003). So the actors have been working together for more than twenty years and have great admiration for each other. “She has a strong mind, a big heart, an amazing acting and makes sure that every moment not only feels genuine, but is genuine,” Reeves said of his co-star.

Moss, in turn, admires the fact that Reeves is such a good listener. “It’s hard to sum up in a sound bite how deep our relationship is,” says the actress. “Our conversations about all sorts of things always make me think more deeply. He’s such a good listener, that’s a real gift. One I still have to work on. But the fact that I spend time with such someone is already making sure that I can reflect and think about it. I could go on for much longer, Keanu is such a great person.”

In The Matrix Resurrections , Neo is once again trapped in the world of the Matrix, but is unaware of it. Instead of the red pill, which shows him reality, he takes the blue pill with which he continues to live in an illusion.