Katy Perry wants to get the most out of her career and because of this she forgets to “pay attention to her personal life”. The singer prepares herself for having a family.

In an interview with Glamor, Perry says she wants to grow into becoming an adult woman. “I am preparing myself that one day I have my own family. My soul has to undergo a transformation so that I am really ready for it. I work hard, “says the American.

The 33-year-old pop singer continues to report that she spent a lot of time in her career in the past year, sometimes leaving time to think about her personal life. “I have to look for more balance in my life. Otherwise it will not work on a personal level. I have to live like Katheryn Hudson. ”

Perry would still have a relationship with Orlando Bloom. The actor and singer were a couple and loads in 2016 a break in March 2017. Around September 2017 there were again reports that the couple was together again.