Recently, the singer announced that she was expecting a baby.

In a new interview for SiriusXM, the 35-year-old singer was asked if her pregnancy was planned. Perry noted that she and her fiancé, 43-year-old Orlando Bloom, were looking forward to a new stage in their lives.

Well, pregnancy was not an accident. I am so grateful for everything that I was able to do and achieve, and for all the goals that I could delete from my list, and for dreams, and for the life that I have lived so far. And I think that we both were looking forward to this new stage of life,

– said Perry.

Recall that Katie’s pregnancy became known just the other day, Katie reported this news using a new music video for the song Never Worn White, where she showed a round tummy. Later, live on Instagram, Perry clarified that the child should be born in the summer.