Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson are very good friends, but they are mostly single. Would their relationship have evolved into a love story?

Katy Perry has lived a passionate love affair with Orlando Bloom. Robert Pattinson is freshly separated from FKA Twigs. Today, it is rumored that the singer and the actor would spend more and more time together. They would even be in a relationship. Indeed, last January 26 they were seen at the Taix French Restaurant in Los Angeles. The evening seemed most romantic.

A source close to the singer would have told Hollywood Life magazine :

They talk a lot and flirt constantly. Katy would be ready to start a relationship with Rob without hesitation, but she still feels like she’s in the friend zone. And she is right. Rob is scared to get started. He’s afraid of losing a great friend if things get complicated.

Should we believe it?

Nothing is less sure. Indeed, the pop icon and the star of Twilight are longtime friends. No wonder then that they dine together from time to time.

Moreover, this is not the first time that such rumors circulate. The American media regularly announce them as a couple for years. Tired of this gossip, Katy Perry said:

I’m just trying to be friends with him, but obviously it’s not possible because I have breasts.