The prolonged world quarantine due to the coronavirus has made Katie’s resources run out and she has to turn to her ex.

It seems that even the rich and famous are suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, with reports that Katie Holmes is desperate for cash, as her savings from her television and movie shares have almost been depleted.

According to InTouch magazine, Katie, 41, has made the “humiliating” decision to turn to her ex-husband Tom Cruise for money, and the source described her as “in financial ruin.”

Katie was proud to walk away from Tom without securing a sizeable financial deal. But in retrospect, that may have been a big mistake, “said the source.

Also, the coronavirus pandemic is likely causing the Dawson’s Creek star to regret his divorce from his former movie star.

“Katie has huge expenses, and she is not receiving a steady salary from movies or television shows right now. It is not only her acting career that has stagnated, “added the source.

After her high-profile divorce from 57-year-old Tom, reports allege that Katie receives $ 400,000 a year in support of her daughter Suri, but obtained nothing more from their separation.

In addition to television, the actress makes a lot of money with appearances at regular events and product sales, a source of income that has also been discontinued due to the blockade.

And after her split from actor Jamie Foxx, it seems like Katie has no choice but to seek help from her ex. “It is humiliating,” said the source.

Meanwhile, devoted Scientologist Tom Cruise has admitted that he played an important role in separating from his family.

After his painful separation from Katie and his estrangement from his daughter Suri, the actor confessed that “he could have handled things better.”

“I make mistakes? Yes. No matter who you are, life has challenges … if someone judges me harshly, that’s fine. I don’t even judge them harshly for doing it, ”said Tom in 2012.