Last October, Kate Hudson, 39, became a mother for the third time — she gave birth to a daughter, Rani Rose. However, the actress did not indulge herself, and in a couple of months she resumed her training. True, the star decided to study at home and without the help of a personal trainer. Yesterday afternoon, Kate published a video in which she was breastfeeding a baby, while continuing to do the exercises. Her close friends, Erin and Sarah Foster, were able to capture it.

Kate seems to support the Brelfie movement and is one of those celebrities who openly breastfeed their children in public places. Gisele Bundchen, Natalya Vodianova, Liv Tyler and many other stars have repeatedly published in microblogs pictures of their favorite babies during breastfeeding. However, such shots sometimes caused a wave of criticism.

Kate, however, does not worry about someone else’s opinion, nor about extra centimeters at the waist. However, according to her , she still needs to lose 12 kilos gained during pregnancy. All – for the sake of filming a new film, which will begin this spring. Hudson is a big fan of a healthy lifestyle. She eats properly and practices yoga, but now she has also added pole dance to her physical activities. This will help her to build muscle faster and get in shape after the birth of her daughter.

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Kate has a pole installed at home, and strip-plastic classes are part of her training plan. She wants to have an embossed press, and pole dancing is very well suited to achieve this goal,”an insider told Radar Online.

The main thing for me is to focus on health,”Hudson said.

Recently, the actress told about the features of education of the baby. It turns out that celebrity raises a daughter free of gender stereotypes.

The fact that I have a daughter does not change my attitude towards motherhood, but there are differences anyway. I think that the upbringing of children should be approached individually, gender-neutral. We do not yet know how our daughter identifies herself. I can say that an incredibly feminine energy is coming from her now. She is very different from boys. And it’s nice to finally enjoy the process of buying women’s clothing.

Do you agree with Hudson: is it worth letting the child choose his or her gender?