The reaction Sophie Prégent face the allegations against Sylvain Archambault has not pleased many members of the Union of Artists, yesterday.

Karine Vanasse was the first to wonder about Sophie Prégent ‘s position as president of the Union des artistes. She wrote on social media: ” Can an active actor/actress impartially represent other UDA members as President under all circumstances? 

The actress met this morning with Émilie Perreault on the waves of FM 98.5 on his tweet that has done so much talk yesterday.

” The goal was not to distract from the allegations that were made. I see the comments on Twitter, I think so too, I agree, it is not the media to act as conduit for these truths come out, but at the same time, it is the only avenue which finally seems possible for many people. 

” Blaming the victims of not having complained to the UDA, the bond of trust, it does not exist. The “ah it’s like that” that some say, that some people are told, it is unfortunately, more of our time. That our chair has encouraged this thought with some words is unacceptable. 

Karine Vanasse denounces the culture of silence that reigns in the arts.

It is not normal not to be able to turn with confidence towards certain producers, towards our union, towards certain agents, to go for a form of protection assured. 

” I’m as much in the cause for me. Me, I want to continue to love this job. 

Sophie Prégent apologized yesterday in an official letter shared on the website of the Union des artistes. She spoke directly to actor Marc-André Grondin, who had also questioned his position at the Union des artistes.

” Every revelation is overwhelming. Every denunciation deserves attention. Each time, it confirms to us that we must do everything possible to defend the right of cultural artists and artisans to work in a respectful environment free from situations of abuse or harassment.

There is no room for this kind of behavior. What I remember from your comment and from all the support messages I’ve received for weeks is that we all agree on this. And I assure you that I remain just as determined to change things, and do everything in my power to make it happen. Once again, Mr. Grondin, if I said something this morning that may have been interpreted by you or others as a lack of compassion, I sincerely apologize. “