Last night, I met the friendly Karine St-Michel , aka the beautiful brunette that we discovered in the very last season of Occupation Double in Bali . While she was having a party at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal with her good friend Alexandra (also from O D Bali ) and the students, I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions!

This will be the famous “Hour of Truth” this Sunday, what will we learn about you and others?

Sunday, you will see me in “emotions” mode! I will be very emotional. I emptied my bag a little and I revealed the whole truth about what happened with Karym … so that’s still going to be talked about! We will also learn some pretty crisp punchlines on Joanie and Sansdrick ( who are no longer a couple, all the info here ), we will walk between sweet and intense emotions on their “couple”. There will also be a little quibble between Kris and PH !

You came back from a bit of OD in Bali , have you found love in Quebec since?

No really not! I do not see anyone and I take a break from a guy. Before kissing the next guy, I’ll wait for the 28th date ( laughs )!

What will you do during the holidays?

I will be with my family! I will enjoy spending time with my parents and sisters, but I will also see my friends. I’m going to relax and try to decompress because it’s really FOLIE since my return from Bali: it’s stunning, stupid how we get a lot of messages from people, a lot of love, and also we are so solicited by all world. I plan to decant and relax to the max in order to put my creativity and energy back into new projects after the holidays.

Which projects?

I have a ton of bubbling ideas that I would like to go on my own after the holidays. I studied theater and I want to be an actress, I also want to do animation on TV or on the Web, so I have lots of plans … for now, I prefer not to talk about it ! To be continued…

Psssst ! Alex and Karine were sua pop !