With her “ace square”, namely her husband Yoann Gourcuff and their children Maël (4 years) and Claudia (soon 2 years), Karine Ferri enjoys pleasant family moments in the South of France. Photos of these special moments on Instagram.

Karine Ferri was lucky to pass the confinement surrounded by her relatives in Brittany. But the sun was not there … The 38-year-old host has since left the region to enjoy the South of France, still with the family. On Instagram, the pretty brunette shared photos of these dream moments.

For the past few days, Karine Ferri has been enjoying her vacation. And this Thursday, July 2, 2020, the beautiful shared a new photo of her stay ” in paradise “, as mentioned in the location of the post. On the picture, the lover of Yoann Gourcuff reveals herself in a black swimsuit, denim shorts, sunglasses and wind blown hair, holding the helm of a boat against the background of blue sea water and a hill covered with greenery in the distance. With a tanned and smiling complexion, the beautiful always appears radiant. It must be said that she has everything to be happy! Karine Ferri lives ” her best moments ” in the ” best place “. In short, she enjoys a ” family time “”as she specifies in hashtag.

Her ace square is the nickname she gives to her little family. Remember that with her husband Yoann Gourcuff, Karine Ferri has two children: Maël (4 years old) and Claudia who will celebrate her 2nd birthday on July 16, 2020. In story , the happy mother shared a photo of her feet in the sand, a rake from her children at your fingertips … Even more, Karine Ferri had the honor of tasting the cuisine of her mother who prepared them zucchini flower fritters from the garden! The following day, at lunch, the acolyte of Camille Combal at the presentation of Dance with the stars ( TF1 ) had opted for a fried burger by the sea.

These family moments are precious for the beautiful host. In October 2019, with our colleagues from both of us , Karine Ferri felt that she had a real treasure in her hands: ” I am fortunate to have a close-knit family, an exceptional husband and two children who are just as much! ” to continue on her role of mother : ” I am a present, wolf and very loving mom. I smother them with hugs! Worried too, like most moms. I try to transmit the strong values ​​that I have received, everything respecting their personality. “