Kanye West wants Jay-Z as vice president after he has already named Wyoming pastor Michelle Tidball as vice president.

Kanye West wants Jay-Z as vice president.

The 43-year-old rapper wants to run in the 2020 presidential election and although he has already chosen Michelle Tidball, a pastor from the state of Wyoming, as his vice-president, the latter has changed his mind as he now wants Jay -Z.

The rapper explained to Kris Kaylin, “I called my friend Jay-Z to be my potential vice president. We have already chosen Michelle Tidball, a pastor from Wyoming, as vice-president but she would not be against having another position ”.

Separately, Kanye broke down in tears at his first meeting, which was held at the Exquis Event Center in north Charleston, South Carolina, saying his wife Kim Kardashian did not want to keep their first child.

While crying, the rapper shouted: “I almost killed my daughter! Before sharing more details.

He added: “In the Bible it is written that it is forbidden to kill. I remember when my partner called me crying … and I was like, ‘As long as she doesn’t have AIDS. Then she said, ‘I’m pregnant’ and I said ‘Yes’. She said ‘No’. She was crying and she had to go see the doctor. After several months, we thought of having an abortion ”.

Kanye then explained that Kim had the pills in her hand.

He added, “You know, those pills just take them and the child is gone.”