Kanye West spoke extensively about his bipolar disorder for the first time. The rapper hopes with the interview with David Letterman, for the Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, to reduce the stigma on mental problems.

“Those are all things you feel then”

The 41-year-old rapper, who is frequently in the news because of his remarkable statements, was diagnosed two years ago. Since then he has been taking medication every day. “If you don’t use medication every day to keep you stable, there is a chance that you will get such an outlier. They can be so intense that you have to go to the hospital,” he says, Entertainment Tonight said in the interview that can be seen on the streaming service from Friday.

Kanye also becomes paranoid during such attacks. “Everyone – for me then, because others have different experiences – is then an actor. Everything is a conspiracy and you have the idea that the government has placed chips in your head and that you are being bugged. Those are all things that you feel then “

Kim Kardashian’s husband, who ended up in hospital several times in a confused state, hopes that hospitals will treat people with psychological problems differently. “They give you handcuffs, pump you full of medicines, put you in bed and separate you from everyone you know. I am very happy that I also experienced that so that I can change that. If you are in such a state , you need someone you trust. It’s mean and primitive to deal with it like that. “

By talking about his experiences, Kanye hopes that others will do the same. “It’s a health problem that a big stigma rests on and people can say anything about it and discriminate against you. It’s just like a bruised ankle, but then you have a bruised brain. If someone has a bruised ankle, you are not going to force it either to do more. With us, people do everything that makes it worse. “