Kanye West has made excuses in an interview for his slavery statement. In a conversation with radio station WGCI in Chicago, the rapper said: “I’m sorry if I’ve hurt people.”

In May, West told the TMZ entertainment website that slavery is a choice for him. “If you hear that slavery lasted 400 years, 400 years, that sounds like a choice.”

That interview led to many angry reactions. For example, journalist and academic Marc Lamont Hill said that in history there has never been a moment when black people have not opposed slavery.


Kanye West now says that he regrets if people were left in the lurch because of his slavery. “The reactions to the TMZ interview showed me that black people count on me and I appreciate that.”

In his conversation with WGCI, Kanye West also responded to his views on US President Trump. “I think Trump thinks it’s important how black people think about him, he wants to be the best president, he knows he can not do that if he’s not accepted by the black community, he’s working on it, but we have to talk to him.”