Due to previous incidents and statements by Kanye West thing has been made difficult for Kim Kardashian.

As per the news reported by TMZ Kim Kardashian has explained that Kanye West is rejecting to join her in Wyoming due to bipolar episode issues.
As the reported give to TMZ by the Sources close to the couple that there has been very less communication after Kanye Jetted for his South Carolina rally.

In the report it is also mentioned that Kim Kardashian has retried multiple times to talk to Kanye about the mental issue faced by the him but he is not very much receptive. As per the sources Kim had twiced suggested flying to their ranch but both the time Kanye rejected her.

AS per the report on TMZ She was very much concerned about his behavior before the rally of Carolina. Previously Kim was worried about him when he was in Dominican Republic.
Things has been deteriorated due to some shocking revelations and claims by the Kanye West.