Kanye West (43) may have run for president of the United States, but the rapper is still good friends with his opponent Donald Trump (74). This is what politician Rudy Giuliani (76), Trump’s personal lawyer, claims in front of the cameras of ‘TMZ’.

“I think Kanye is secretly a Trump supporter”

When asked about Kanye’s chances during the election, the former mayor of New York said: “I think Kanye is secretly a Trump supporter.” He also says that the president is not angry about the musician’s political ambitions.

Rudy Giuliani then argues that the rapper is “a showcase for the discontent of the black voter, who feels ignored by the Democratic party.” This is in line with the theory that the rapper has mainly stood for election to take African-American votes from Trump’s competitor Joe Biden. The New York Times reported last week that it increasingly appears that the Republican Party is even behind Kanye’s candidacy.

The rapper announced in mid-July that he would run for president. Not long after, he started to show confused behavior. At his first campaign meeting, he tearfully announced that he ever wanted to abort one of his children and on Twitter he went wild with messages from the private sphere and fairly inimitable other announcements. According to his wife Kim Kardashian, this was the result of mental problems: Kanye, according to his wife, suffers from bipolar disorder.