Kanye West, 43, has responded scornfully to rumors that his bid to become president of the United States is actually a covert way to support incumbent President Donald Trump (74). The idea that he would be paid by the Republicans to run for election and thus steal votes from Democrat Joe Biden (77) finds the rapper laughable.

“Bro, nobody can pay me”

“People keep saying, ‘I think you – and by that they mean me and the Republicans – are in one cahoots,” Kanye said in conversation with Nick Cannon (39). The presenter then asks him directly whether he is paid to operate as a lightning rod. “Bro, nobody can afford me. I have more money than Trump,” Kanye said next.

Rumors of a deal between Kanye and Trump flared up last month because the rapper met Jared Kushner (39), son-in-law and top adviser to US President Donald Trump. According to Kanye and Kushner, the campaign hasn’t been talked about.