The 16-year-old would have set her sights on the son of an English star.

At just 16 years old, could Kaia Gerber have found her first love? In any case, this is what the tabloid The Sun claims in an article published Saturday, December 16, 2017, revealing that the daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber is in a relationship with the son of the English actress Patsy Palmer, known elsewhere. Channel for playing in the British soap opera EastEnders (equivalent of the Fires of Love ).

Born in June 2000, Fenton is the eldest son of Patsy Palmer and his second husband Richard Merkell. Still married, the couple is also related to Emilia (born as Kaia in 2001) and Bertie (born in 2010). According to our English colleagues, Kaia Gerber and Fenton Merkell were first friends before falling in love. ” It’s very recent but they have come together and look very happy together.” Fenton and Kaia were close friends for a while, having met through their mothers’ common relationships, and this turned into something more serious in recent months, “it was said.

Like his supposed darling, Fenton Merkell recently made his modeling debut. With his sister Emilia, the 17-year-old has signed with The Dragonfly Agency, one of whose offices is based in Los Angeles. To get closer to Kaia? ” It helps them both to break into the same field, Kaia has also become Emilia’s best friend and they see each other regularly together, ” he added.

On social networks, no trace of this love, or almost. Followed by 2.5 million subscribers, the muse Marc Jacobs does not follow the young English but has liked many of his photos. All the opposite of Fenton Merkell, who follows the young woman but has not (yet) commented or approved his shots, he is followed by a little more than 3000 curious.

Kaia’s loves are not the only ones to be followed very closely, her older brother Presley (18) having been for some time with a pretty brunette. A few months ago, the top of IMG Models was still in a relationship with the top Cayley King . But since autumn 2017, it is alongside a mysterious unknown that he is regularly seen. So, friend or new darling? The future will tell …


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