Annoying news for Justin Timberlake and his fans. The singer still struggles with his vocal cords, forcing him to cancel two of his Man Of The Woods shows in America. Earlier, Justin had to cancel a show at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Because he can not talk to his doctors to give his voice a rest, the singer now talks through notes on which he writes what he wants to say. He was recently guest of his good friend Jimmy Fallon in his late night show, together with his wife Jessica Biel. Fallon and Biel did a contest of which of them knows Justin best, by answering questions that the singer had written on paper. And with success, because the ‘interview’ yielded almost 7.5 million views.

Justin also announced his book Hindsight via multiple written messages on Instagram.

The singer has now announced new dates for the concerts that he now has to cancel.