Justin Timberlake who plays a sexy lifeguard: being able to be the ‘talk of the town’ in Hollywood. But his swimsuit scenes are overshadowed by the renewed controversy about director Woody Allen, in these # MeToo times. Co-star player Kate Winslet has regretted the cooperation. Justin is not at all: “I only work with the very best. And if Woody calls for a role, you do not have to think. “

2018 is Timberlake-time, that much is clear. This week, the 37-year-old singer / actor releases his fifth solo album. Finally: his previous CD dates from 2013 and his youngest monster hit, ‘Can not stop the feeling’, is already more than a year ago. ‘Man of the Woods’ is Justin’s “most ambitious album” so far, he says. Fans reacted very enthusiastically to the first three songs he released. The superstar found inspiration in his family: wife Jessica Biel (35) and son Silas (2). And despite his busy schedule, they come first, says Justin.

Hey, I’m daddy
“I do everything at my own pace. I release plates in small amounts and do not go into every film offer. I actually only recently realized that I am now a dad. (laughs) I thoroughly enjoy fatherhood. I know that I have been very lucky that through the years I have been able to collaborate with so many talented people – both in the musical field and in the film world. And I only want the best of the best in the future. Only if I can work with the best filmmakers in Hollywood, I do it – so that I can become even better myself and can continue to push my boundaries. “

And Woody Allen certainly fits the list of top directors, says Justin. It was a great honor to work with him for ‘Wonder Wheel’. “I did not even play hard and I immediately accepted his offer,” he says. “When Woody offers you a role, you do not have to think about it at all. In the beginning I found him very intimidating, but I managed to get over that. He has a very special way of directing: he likes long scenes, but wants to do everything as quickly as possible. Sometimes he ‘threatened’ that we could only do one take, and then Kate (Winslet, ed.) And I looked at each other with concern: ‘We are doing our best now, or it will not be our best day!’ (laughs) Fortunately, his method has ensured that I have given everything every day. “

Justin’s performance is overshadowed by the controversy surrounding Woody Allen, who is accused of sexual abuse by his stepdaughter. In the current # MeToo era in Hollywood, this leads to speculation that ‘Wonder Wheel’ may well be Allen’s latest film. And although Timberlake does not want to say a bad word about the director, he supports the # MeToo movement in his own words. “What has come to light is scandalous. I hope that all victims will finally find the strength to come out with their story. They have felt oppressed and embarrassed for far too long. “

Timberlake states that something needs to change in Hollywood. “I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother and my wife over the past few weeks. How would I react to this if I ever had a daughter? I was born and raised in Tennessee (southern state in the United States, ed.), And it would be a shame if I had to get my rough ‘Tennessee side’ up. I am so sensitive when it comes to women. I am an only child and have always had an excellent relationship with my mother. I am wearing her hands. “