Justin Bieber does not hide the love for his wife Hailey. The singer climbed into his pen and wrote an open love declaration to her on Instagram, accompanied by a photo of his sweetheart.

“You are God’s most beautiful creation”

“My love for you grows every day, you are God’s most beautiful creation. In you I have found my soul mate, you hold my hand while I try to get my emotions, soul and mind in order. You have so much power, support , given encouragement and joy. And that’s why I want to publicly honor you, to remind you that the best is yet to come together for us. Good luck with your photo shoot today, my dear! “, says Justin.

Both Justin and Hailey are known to be very religious and draw a lot of strength from their joint visits to the church. Bieber recently announced that he was going through a difficult period and that he was struggling with mental problems. Thanks to Hailey, the singer would stay on the right track, thanks in part to their faith in God.