The other day, Justin Bieber, who was accused of rape, was at the center of the scandal. A girl named Daniel on Twitter stated that the singer attacked her on March 9, 2014 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas. According to the girl, Justin invited her and her friends to his room, and then offered to sleep with him. 

“He knocked me down on the bed and pulled off my jeans. I seemed to have lost my senses. I don’t want to go into the details of what happened next, ”Daniel said.

Justin himself did not become silent in such a situation and publicly commented on the situation:

 “Usually I do not pay attention to such statements, but after talking with my wife and my team I decided to speak out. Rumors are rumors, but sexual abuse is something I take seriously, ” Bieber wrote.

 “ I want to clarify. There is not a bit of truth in this story. In fact, I have never been there. According to this woman, I really was in Austin at the Sxsw festival and sang a few songs there. But what this woman did not know was that I was there with my ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez . ”

“ We also have confirmation from the Four Seasons regional manager that I was not at the hotel on March 9 or 10, and I am ready to provide all this evidence to the media if necessary. On March 10, Selena left, and I stayed at the Westin Hotel, as can be seen on the receipts. We booked it for a couple of days to stay on Def Jam, but I left on the 11th to return home, ”the  singer said.

Moreover, Bieber noted that such statements should be taken very seriously, so he even plans to sue the girl for false accusations.