Eminem (46) has caused another riot. On his album from 2018, ‘Kamikaze’, there are some condescending texts about contemporary rappers, and Justin Bieber (25) cannot laugh at that. His correction, however, does not make much impression. 

On ‘Kamikaze’ from 2018, as usual, Eminem does not say goodbye. He draws from leather against contemporary rappers such as Lil Yachty, Drake, Lil Xan, Machine Gun Kelly and Tyler The Creator. Not possible, Justin Bieber thought. He posted a message on social media in which he pointed out Eminem. “I love Ems flow , but I don’t like that he shows no respect for new rappers. I love this new generation of rap music. He just doesn’t understand. “

It looks like Eminem is not impressed by Bieber’s finger tap. A neighbor of the rapper informed HollywoodLife that the reprimand mainly made Eminem laugh. “Eminem really doesn’t care what Bieber thinks about his flow ,” said the insider. “He laughed when he saw what Justin wrote about him online. Em is not crazy about Justin’s music, it’s just not for him, so he doesn’t care how Justin thinks about him or with whom he laughs. Em has already laughed with Justin in the past and will probably do so again. He is not angry or afraid of Justin and is not worried about a kind of war or fight with him. Eminem can collect as well as he can hand them out, so as far as he is concerned everything is okay. ”